All We Know So Far about the Adidas Dragon Ball Z Collab

All We Know So Far about the Adidas Dragon Ball Z Collab

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As we approach August it seems like we’re getting more hints and leaks about the upcoming Adidas Dragon Ball Z collaboration. For those of you who are still new to the scene, Adidas is set to drop a very hyped, and desired collection, alongside the infamous Dragon Ball Z Franchise. And if you’re wondering whether or not you should cop any of these sneakers, well, you should.

Adidas Dragon Ball Z Collaboration

The Adidas Dragon Ball Z collection will offer 8 different pairs of sneakers. Each pair will be representing a main character from the DBZ series. And according to the YeezyMafia, every pair will come with a matching figurine of the character.

What’s in it?

For obvious marketing purposes, Adidas chose all the silhouettes from this collab to be new, and far from the Yeezy or NMD designs which fans love the most. It was a brave step towards educating fans about different lines and technologies and introducing them to completely different silhouettes than what they’re used to. It feels like Adidas is trying to push its fans outside their comfort zone, by using the most anticipated collab of the year to market their new designs.

However, those silhouettes will not be first seen in the Adidas Dragon Ball Z collection. In fact, they were set to release throughout 2018, in order to familiarize fans with them before the big release. Launching the new silhouettes earlier, gave the fans a taste of what to expect starting August 2018. In terms of retail price, features and even fit. Sneakerheads who already bought any of the 7 designs included in this collection, got a clear idea of how they’ll look and feel on foot.

We’ve already seen the all-new Yung-1, Deerupt, and Prophere launch not too long ago. And very recently a first-look image of Goku’s sneakers surfaced. The main protagonist of the Dragon Ball Z series will be featured through the ZX500 RM shoes.

Adidas ZX500 RM "Son Goku" Sample 🔌 thoughts?

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Unofficial Release Dates

Son Goku’s sneakers should be the first to drop alongside Frieza’s Yung-1 in August. We still don’t have clear information about the retail price for Goku’s orange and blue pair, but we know that Frieza’s Yungs could cost you $130.

Next up will be Son Gohan’s Deerupt which could retail for a tiny $100 in September.  The deerupt will be covered with web wrapping and will be dressed in White and Purple. Also in September, we will see the release of Cell’s Adidas Prophere, retailing at $120.

Fast forward to November, we will have Vegeta’s Ultra-Tech. This pair is not very new TBH. In fact, we saw this when it dropped as a collaboration between Adidas and Size? back in 2014. As of yet, no leaks, retail price, or official images have surfaced regarding this pair. Coming face to face against Vegeta will be Majin Buu featured in Adidas’ latest Kamanda. This pair will be dressed in a pink, skin-like color, reflecting Majin Buu’s skin tone.

And finally, in December the biggest battle will feature Shenlong’s EQT MID ADV which costs around $160. Facing off with that dragon will be, Super Shenlong’s EQT MID ADV DTC which could also retail for that same price.

More Adidas Dragon Ball Z Shoes?

Rumors around the community, say that we can expect Mr. Popo, Yajirobe, Tenshinhan and Mr. Satan to also take part of this collection. If that turns out to be true, we will have 4 more sneakers to drool over, and September would no longer be DBZ free. However, nothing is confirmed yet, and unless Adidas or the Yeezy Mafia say it’s true, we will only have 8 sneakers and matching figurines to fight over.

Loaded season! 

With that image of the ZX 500 RM appearing online, we now have somewhat of a clear idea as what to expect starting August 2018. And as if having 2 sneakers of the Adidas Dragon Ball Z collection dropping in August wasn’t enough, we have a Yeezy release that month too! 

The Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Sesame will also be dropping in August 2018. In addition to Pharrell Williams’ NMD Human Race Afro Pack. So buckle up sneakerheads, it’s gonna be a wild ride in August! And if you’re looking for the best way to cop any of these releases, look no more! AIO X will do the trick.

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