Where on Earth is The Adidas Dragon Ball Z Collab? [Release Date]

Where on Earth is The Adidas Dragon Ball Z Collab?!

So it’s been a while, a long while since we last heard of this release. And we’ve only seen some unofficial mockups of what could be sneakers from this collection. So now, nearly 8 months later it’s finally confirmed. The Adidas Dragon Ball Z collab is releasing this month.

The first words out about this collab were unofficial. Merely rumors to say. But we the whole sneaker industry got their hopes high. Especially that the sneaker battlefield needed some change. And the 8 these 8 sneakers felt like the new “Yeezys” for hungry resellers.


Adidas Dragon Ball Z Collab packaging 2

But now, thanks to Adidas Originals’ Instagram account, this collab got real.

Release Information

So now that the Three Stripes Brand confirmed, what can we expect?

We’re looking the sneaker version of the 3 most iconic battles from the Japanese anime series. Sneaker from the Adidas Dragon Ball Z collab were carefully chosen to represent the characteristics of the heroes and villains to which they refer.

Out of the 8 sneakers originally announced, only 7 stood still. The three expected battles are Son Goku vs. Frieza, represented by a new ZX 500 RM and Yung-1; Son Gohan vs. Cell, in a Deerupt and Prophere; and Vegeta vs. Majin Buu, in an Ultra Tech and Kamanda. Finally, Shenron will get an EQT Support Mid ADV.

These battles will take place on a monthly basis. Starting in September, and ending in December. Sneakers from the Adidas Dragon Ball Z collab will come in exclusive DBZ packaging. And if the early leaks were true, we can expect a matching collectible to come along every pair. But that’s still to be confirmed.

More on The Adidas Dragon Ball Z collab

Right after Adidas confirmed the drop, leakers were quick to share their speculations. And rumors say that the first 2 pairs are dropping on September 26th, 2018. And as for the retail price a$150 price tag is expected for each of these pairs.

As we wait for more words on a specific release day, refresh your copping memory. And get ready for this will be a really tricky drop. Every sneakerhead has their eyes on a pair or 2. So your chances are closer to null unless you use the right tools to cop.