AIOX Setup Instructions: Supreme FW18 Week 4

AIOX Setup Instructions: Supreme FW18 Week 4

Setup instructions for Supreme FW18 Week 4

This guide is created to help you setup AIOX for Supreme drops. Note that it will work for the Supreme FW18 Week 4 drop and any upcoming Supreme release. In case any changes were added, we will notify you about them ahead of time.

Make sure you always have the latest version of AIOX to maximize your copping chances.

Supreme FW18 Week 4 AIOX setup

First, you should create billing profiles in the extension. Please note that you need different billing profiles if you’re going to run tasks for the same items.

Press on settings. A new window will open, create your billing profiles and click on save.



After you finish creating the billing profiles, open the chrome extension again

Select Supreme  from the site selection page


 Set your proxy server and connect it in case you want to use a proxy, if not, keep it empty


Click on Supreme Setup


At this point, it’s up to you to choose the options you’re most comfortable with. The following is our own recommended setup but feel free to change anything you want and if you’re confused about some of the options, feel free to ask us on Discord. Our dev and mods are always ready to answer your questions


Once saved, make sure the task is running. The icons should look like this:


Supreme Keyword Setup for Week 4

Click on Supreme Keywords

Refer to  the Keywords posted weekly on AIOX blog.

Supreme X Comme Des Garçons FW18 Week 4 Keywords

For a list of keywords for Week 4 and enter them in their respective fields
Click on save when you finish setting up the keywords of each item.


AIOX supports multiple items per 1 cart. To enable this, enter multiple keywords instead of one. On release time AIOX would scan the website for all the keywords and add to cart all available items. If one or more items are not found/sold out, AIOX will disregard them and proceed to checkout with the added to cart items.


Supreme Captcha Token Harvester Setup

 Click on settings


Click on “Captcha”


Fill the 2Captcha Key and the number of threads you want to be running


  • The 2Captcha Key: is the API key assigned to you by 2Captcha
  • The number of Threads is how many “requests” do you want to send to 2Captcha at once, the more threads you have the more tokens you’ll generate.
  • WARNING: do not set this number too high or you’ll be risking a slower connection and/or 2Captcha ban time and it will cost you more. The recommended number is between 2 and 10 max.

Start the harvester BEFORE the drop time. The recommended time to start it is 2 mins or more before the drop time