New Yeezys Dropping Soon. Should You Even Care?!

New Yeezys Dropping. Should You Even Care?!

You’ve probably taken enough Ls last year. Be it on Supreme, Off Whites or Jordans. Probably not on Yeezy releases though. Since you all know how generous Kanye was being in 2018. But apparently, he won’t be as nice with 2019’s new Yeezys. As per the Yeezy Mafia, the new Yeezys will go back to being limited, and hopefully, resell worthy.

Well, honestly we can’t wait for Yeezys to be as hyped and exciting as they were a year ago. To be worth botting and fighting for. To deserve pulling a couple all-nighters to get a hold of.

New Year, New Yeezys

Starting February 23rd, Yeezys’ season will begin, kicking it off with the Yeezy Boost 700 Salt. It’s the same old big dad-shoe, but in a more chill colorway. These Yeezys feature stone-tinted uppers made up of leather, suede, and mesh. The sneakers are then detailed with 3M accents. Nothing extra about these. Unless you missed out on the OG’s re-release last year and aren’t willing to pay resale for them.

You can also expect another 700 this year- in March to be more specific. We won’t lie, we really like this “Inertia” version, dropping on March 9th, 2019. That little pinch of coral/orange with the shades of Grey gives the dad-shoe a cool futuristic vibe. As per the usual, the new Yeezy 700s will retail each for $300.

Another Yeezy Boost 700 will drop in March. The 700 V2 Geode, with the brownish hues this release is the Yeezy-est we’ve seen in a while. The Geodes are expected to drop on March 23rd, alongside 2 new colorways of the Calabasas Trackpants; Core Mink and Umber.

Moving on to those “Special Release” Yeezys. Three very similar yet very different colorways, all featuring the new see-through stripe. After the successful release of the Statics 350 V2s late last year, this infamous transparent stripe was destined to release once again. It’s still not clear what’s gonna be so special about them, but you’re probably betting on the stock being limited. So are we! 

How awesome would it be to have a new limited pack? Something similar to the Triple Yeezy release from 2016? It’s just what Yeezys need to get back from the dead. But we’ll need to wait a bit longer to know more about these releases.

The fault in Our Reflectives

We really thought the rich 3M Yeezy Reflectives were going to be the ones that bring Yeezys back. The limited stock level, the unique quality, and appearance of the sneaker, and the glow-in-the-dark-like feature, all comprise a perfect mix for a resell worthy sneaker. However, that’s not really what happened.  And while the whole Adidas Yeezy brand experienced an increase in sales more than six times the previous amount, the Yeezy Reflectives weren’t as valuable as we thought.

The Reflective Statics were more limited and harder to cop. However, their resale price now is not drastically different from the non-reflective Statics. So the big problem here is that the same exact design and colorway released at the same time! The only difference was that it was nonreflective Static and didn’t include 3M material all over.

You can only imagine how many people would be like, “I don’t care if these won’t glow in the dark. They’ll be my AM shoes.” I mean, the 3M is cool, but everyone who couldn’t cop the Reflectives went and got the next best thing. At retail.

But those who didn’t cop at retail, still have the luxury of low resale prices on sneaker reselling sites. While some bids were as high as $2,000 for Yeezy Reflectives and $1,500 for non-Reflectives, they’re both reselling today for an average that’s below $500. That’s less than you’d pay for some sneaker bots. So while the majority of people were able to cop the Static 350 V2 at retail, now they’d have a chance to get the Reflective and it wouldn’t put a hole through the wallet.

Here’s a hypothetical situation: if you could cop a Yeezy Static 350 V2 for $250, and the price of the Reflective version was $325, wouldn’t you pay that difference to get the more limited pair? Some would!

Now, if we were to believe the Yeezy Mafia, which have proven their authority over and over again, we would say this is the year. The year Kanye takes back what he so rightfully earned. The sneaker industry!

2019’s Yeezy Strategy

Will this be the year Kanye claims back the sneaker industry? Looks like the Yeezy Mafia thinks so.

But hype can’t forever rely on Kanye’s influence alone. We’ll admit that it’s probably Kanye’s name that sells out Yeezys every time. But with his sneakers being “democratized” and accessible, fans will get sick of them at some point.

Hype up?

Now that Nike X Off-white “The Ten” collection is as good as over, will Yeezys climb back up the listings of reselling platforms? If Adidas and Kanye play it smart, there may be a big chance they will.

New Yeezys 2019

  • Seize the opportunity

Fans are hungry for the next very limited and hard to get line of sneakers. And Yeezys can be IT. But they gotta go back to being limited. Very, very limited.

  • Incorporate new technology

The Yeezy 500s. Possibly one of the biggest Yeezy disappointments ever. Like we were all impatiently waiting for a new Yeezy, and that’s what we get? Another plain, lifeless, Dad shoe? Not only did they not offer anything new, but they also ditched the only “cool” feature of Yeezys, BOOST. Yeah, yeah, adiPRENE was introduced in this design, but it just can’t compete with BOOST.

  • Create completely new designs

To be fair Kanye seems to be working on this. But the Fam doesn’t really approve!

  • Level Up

How will Adidas ever compete with Nike, when its version of a laceless basketball shoe is the N3XT L3V3L? Like, seriously? Nike is releasing the Adapt BB which lights up, auto laces, comes with app, and looks pretty dope! While all Adidas did with the N3XT L3V3L sneakers, is remove the laces! Hmmm… Where have we seen this before? Oh, Yes! Socks!

It feels like someone needs to slap Adidas right in the Three Stripes. We need them back!

Adidas Yeezy needs to become limited again in order to promote hype. This means they need to create more exclusive releases and reduce the stock level of certain colorways. Hopefully, maybe even add new technologies or collabs.

Supply, Demand and Kanye. What’s Going on with Yeezys?