Looking forward to the next Yeezy release? Can’t wait to get the latest Supreme? AIO X is the sneaker bot for you.

AIO X is a premium sneaker bot chrome extension that passes splash page, auto adds to cart then auto checks out sneakers and Supreme items. Your best bet for securing the next hyped release.


  • Multiple Billing Profiles
  • Multiple Shipping Profiles
  • Advanced Copping Mechanism
  • Multiple Sites Supported
  • User-friendly interface
  • Auto Add To Cart
  • Auto Checkout
  • FREE Updates


  1. Adidas AU
  2. Adidas US
  3. Adidas CA
  4. Adidas EU
  5. Footlocker
  6. Footaction
  7. Champssports
  8. Eastbay
  9. Supreme
  10. Yeezysupply
  11. More Added Soon…


AIO X is the sneaker bot extension that will change how you cop sneakers.

Copping sneakers and Supreme was never this simple, or affordable before. AIO X is the new Chrome extension sneaker bot, that will change how your copping game. Offering you the same copping power as a sneaker bot, while only costing as little as a checkout service would. It also offers frequent updates, for FREE, to keep you ahead of your copping game.

So now, you can secure any limited edition item you need using this affordable and user-friendly sneaker bot. Never miss out on a release, never pay resale, with the new extension sneaker bot.

AIO X Supports:

  1. Adidas
  2. Footsites
  3. Yeezysupply
  4. Supreme

The simple, affordable, and super easy to use sneaker bot extension to cop any limited edition item you want.