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AIO X is the sneaker bot extension that will change how you cop.

Looking forward to the next Jordan, Off-white or Yeezy release? Can’t wait to secure the Next Supreme drop? AIO X is the sneaker and Supreme bot extension for you.

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AIO X is the sneaker and Supreme bot extension you always needed.

Copping sneakers and Supreme was never this simple, or affordable before. AIO X is the new Sneaker and Supreme bot extension, that will greatly boost your copping skills. Offering you the same copping power as a sneaker bot or a Supreme bot, while only costing as little as an ATC service. AIO X also offers frequent updates. For FREE. Keeping you ahead of your competition at all times.

AIO X is a premium sneaker copping extension that passes splash page, auto adds to cart then auto checks out any sneaker or Supreme item you wish to have. Your best bet for securing the next hyped release. AIO X is a one-time purchase sneaker bot which offers frequent and FREE Updates. Get it Today!

So now, you can secure any limited edition item you need using this affordable and user-friendly extension. Never miss out on a release, never pay resale, with AIO X. The powerful, affordable, and super easy to use sneaker bot extension to cop any limited edition item you want. You can Also Check AIO XL, our new Desktop Sneaker Bot.



  • Multiple Billing Profiles
  • Multiple Shipping Profiles
  • Advanced Copping Mechanism
  • Multiple Sites Supported
  • User-friendly interface
  • Auto Add To Cart
  • Auto Checkout
  • FREE Updates

AIO X Supports:

  1. Supreme
  2. Adidas AU
  3. Adidas US
  4. Adidas CA
  5. Adidas UK
  6. Adidas DK
  7. Adidas FR
  8. Adidas DE
  9. Adidas IT
  10. Adidas NL
  11. Adidas PL
  12. Adidas IH
  13. Adidas CH
  14. Adidas SE
  15. Adidas PH
  16. Adidas SG
  17. AllikeStore (Under Maintenance)
  18. AsphaltGold (Under Maintenance)
  19. Bape (Under Maintenance)
  20. BSTN (Under Maintenance)
  21. Champssports
  22. Eastbay (Under Maintenance)
  23. Footlocker (Under Maintenance)
  24. Footaction (Under Maintenance)
  25. Nike US (Under Maintenance)
  26. Nike AU (Under Maintenance)
  27. Nike CA (Under Maintenance)
  28. Solebox (Under Maintenance)
  29. The Good Will Out (Under Maintenance)
  30. Yeezysupply (Under Maintenance)
  31. More Added Soon…

9 reviews for AIO X

  1. HanL (verified owner)

    AIOX_bot is literally the best bot I’ve ever had. AIOX was my first bot and it’s not going away anytime soon. I’ve always copped from supreme to yeezys and has never let me down. if you’re looking to invest in a bot. buy AIOX. cheap and worth your money. every time.

  2. Jayd (verified owner)

    You guys have done an amazing job with #aiox managed to cop 2 pairs today from the Adidas site

  3. Ian K (verified owner)

    shout out to aiox bot. Great support team and discord group is fantastic. Highly recommend.. dauof has been a huge help with answering questions in a timely manner. Thanks again guys!

  4. 12am

    I’d recommend it mostly if you’re a beginner in this type of community. Big bots out there that cost hundreds more doesn’t even cook like this bot does. Even as an extension, it has done well, don’t sleep on it.

  5. nigojun90

    Great support team and dev. Have used this many times to cop off of Adidas.

  6. Balooh

    AIOX is a great bot when it comes to the price-performance ratio. It only costs 50-100$ and for that price I was able to secure most Supreme and Adidas items that I wanted. The fast-queue works which for me is almost the most important thing.
    Another thing I want to point out is that the dev and mod team is always working, fixing bugs and taking care of the Discord. You write them at a resonable time they’ll most likely answer you in an hour if not in a few minutes.
    I’ve been there since V1 and all the work that went into this really shows.
    I think this bot is great as a basis to start and if you need something more or specific sites you can add other bots to your arsenal.

  7. jordancramp1

    Have had aiox for 4 months since the writing of this review, great discord with hard working and helpful members. The bot has a great layout and is extremely easy to use. Aiox helped me cook my first pairs of yeezy’s as well as Jordan’s. Looking forward to future developments 🙂

  8. Karl (verified owner)

    Great and simple bot to use, I’ve copped some great stuff on Supreme and even Yeezys when I haven’t really been bothered to set up the other AIO BOT supplied by these guys! Great support and communication from the developers and general users. Also this is good if you’re just getting into reselling or just want to cop for personals, don’t hesitate to buy!!

  9. Matthew Armstrong

    Incredible work, incredible tool!

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