AIO XL - Sneaker Bot

AIO XL Sneaker Bot

(10 customer reviews)

$99.00 / year and a $100.00 sign-up fee

AIO XL Desktop Sneaker Bot

Enjoy a user-friendly copping experience on every release. Cop your favorite sneakers from your Mac or PC and never miss out on a drop again!


  • Windows Compatible
  • Mac Compatible
  • Proxy Support
  • Simple Setup
  • Unlimited Tasks
  • Variant Search
  • Custom Shopify
  • Product Link Search
  • Product keywords Search
  • Auto Checkout Retry
  • 1-click Captcha
  • Multi-Captcha Solver
  • Import/ Export: Tasks, Profiles
  • Import/ Export: Proxies
  • Global Monitor. Catch Any Restock While Away.
  • Customizable Theme / UI (Coming Soon)
  • 24/7 Support Available
  • Free Discord Server


AIO XL Desktop Sneaker Bot

AIO XL is the first fully customizable desktop sneaker bot designed to help you cop the most limited sneaker releases. Using AIO XL there’s no limit to how many pairs you can secure. Run an unlimited number of tasks and get your sneaker reselling business going.

We’ve utilized the best and most advanced technologies into building a sneaker bot that will never fail you. You can now Kiss Ls goodbye!
Never worry again about resale prices. Off Whites, NMDS, Jordans, and Yeezys are now all within reach! At retail!

Our new bot Supports Shopify sites, with plans to add Adidas, Supreme, and many more sites soon.

AIO XL, the bot that will change how you cop sneakers, for good!
Check our Success Here

Supported Sites

AIO XL Support Over 100 Shopify sites. And to increase your chances at copping, More Sites Will Be Added Soon!

  • YeezySupply
  • FunkoShop
  • RockCityKicks
  • Kith
  • GraffitiPrints
  • RoninDivision
  • DSM-US
  • Haven
  • RonnieFieg
  • DSM-EU
  • HighsAndLows
  • SaintAlfred
  • DSM-SG
  • HistoryOfNY
  • ShoeGalleryMiami
  • DSM-JP
  • Hotoveli
  • SneakerWorldShop
  • PalaceUS
  • JohnGeigerco
  • SocialStatusPGH
  • PalaceUK
  • KylieCosmetics
  • Solefly
  • PalaceJP
  • LapstoneAndHammer
  • Soleheaven
  • Undefeated
  • Livestock
  • StaplePigeon
  • Bape
  • Machus
  • StoneIsland
  • Blends
  • MarathonSports
  • Suede
  • ShopNiceKicks
  • MiniShopMadrid
  • TrophyRoom
  • Bodega
  • NRML
  • Unknwn
  • SneakerPolitics
  • Noirfonce
  • Vlone
  • 12amrun
  • Nomad
  • WishATL
  • 18montrose
  • Notre
  • WorldOfHombre
  • AMaManiere
  • ObeyGiant
  • Xhibition
  • APBStore
  • OctobersVeryOwnCA
  • JustinTimberlake
  • AddictMiami
  • OctobersVeryOwnUS
  • TheClosetInc
  • AntiSocialSocialClub
  • OctobersVeryOwnUK
  • FearOfGod
  • Attic
  • OffTheHook
  • Stampd
  • BBCIceCream
  • Oipolloi
  • TravisScott
  • BBCIceCreamEU
  • Omocat
  • JustDon
  • Beatniconline
  • Oneness287
  • LessOneSeven
  • BlackMarketUS
  • PackerShoes
  • TheDarkSideInitiative
  • BowsAndArrows
  • Par5MilanoYeezy
  • FiceGallery
  • BurnRubber
  • Places+Faces
  • HanonShop
  • Commonwealth
  • Premier
  • GoodAsGold
  • Concepts
  • ProperLBC
  • LaceUpNYC
  • CrtsdSnkrs
  • RSVPGallery
  • EllenShop
  • DreamTown
  • ReigningChamp
  • Exclucity
  • ExtraButter
  • Renarts
  • RimeNYC
  • Feature
  • Rise45

10 reviews for AIO XL Sneaker Bot

  1. Kng

    Hands down the best dev

  2. Matthew Armstrong

    I was lucky enough to beta this bot. HOLY GAME CHANGER!

    Incredibly well designed interface coupled with a ridiculously capable bot. If you don’t have this, you are missing out!

  3. Sharod Edwards (verified owner)

    It’s the next up am coming bot. It has a great dev team. The dev team is always making improvements and fixing bugs that are found immediately. They are constantly adding new an useful features.

  4. Miguel Rodriguez (verified owner)

    From chrome extension to a fully functioning aio bot that is able to compete with other bots in the market. Great support and endless possibility as it has proven itself to cook some fire kicks. This is just the beginning and I look forward to seeing what this bot is fully capable of.

  5. ajaj.2

    One of the best bots I´ve EVER had. Super easy setup and high success rate. Nice bot for beginners and professional bot users. I highly recommend this bot !!

  6. James Jabbour (verified owner)

    First time using it copped 4 Travis Scott Reese’s puffs boxes. Definitely an amazing bot

  7. Ash

    As good as ever, keep going!

  8. Bob

    Still in Beta yet doing really well. Dev is always pushing updates and helping customers. There are release guides for every drop all staff are helping. The bot is simple and easy to use. Would recommend this bot over any other full version bot! Can’t wait till the full version comes out!

  9. Rochelle

    I love it , easy to use

  10. Omair

    Easy to use and it’s a lot more faster

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