What Will It Take You to Get a Pair of Real Yeezys?

What Will It Take You to Get a Pair of Real Yeezys?

Now with the crazy hype around the all-new all-black Yeezy 350 V2 Triple black, you might be interested in joining this cult. And you’ll find yourself asking how does one get a pair of real Yeezys?

With more pairs releasing every season, getting some real Yeezys is not as impossible as it was a couple of years ago. However, there are some “special Yeezy releases” that require a little more effort.
Needless to say, getting Yeezys, legit pairs, is only guaranteed when you cop straight from the retailers. Buying from a reseller, no matter how trusted, holds a bit of risk. And looking at the price you’d pay at resale a fake is not something you need. You’re better copping one of the Yeezy alternatives or one of the cheaper Yeezys, even if they’re not the colorway you want.

Copping Cheap Yeezys: The High-end Adidas Sneakers Anyone Can Afford

Copping Real Yeezys online? Use a Sneaker bot

Sneaker bots didn’t join the game until 2013, but they caught up real fast. And now, almost 6 years later, there isn’t a sneakerhead that doesn’t have, has tried or at least knows about them.

But just in case you don’t know what sneaker bots are or how to use them, here’s a recap.

A bot, in a basic definition, is a software that performs an automated task online. More specifically, a bot is an automated application that performs tasks repeatedly much faster than a human.  In that same way, a sneaker bot performs a sneaker-related task quickly and repeatedly. When you’re trying to “cop” or buy a pair of sneakers online, you usually face many issues. These issues include but are surely not restricted to:

  • Low-performance devices

Your shitty computer which is no good for browsing is definitely gonna fail you on release.

  • Laggy internet connection

If your browser can’t load a simple page on time, how on earth are you gonna beat thousands of sneakerheads to that pair of Yeezys?

  • IP bans

3 strikes and you’re out? No not 3, just 1. If you try 1 too many times your IP is getting banned and you can kiss your sneakers goodbye. Better luck next time!

  • Cart hijacking

Add your sneakers to cart and you got a max of 10 minutes to input your billing and shipping info. 1 more minute and you’ll find your loved sneakers in someone else’s cart.

Even if you do solve all of the above-mentioned disasters, you still have to face that 1 pair per customer rule. You see all of those problems, a sneaker bot can help you work around each and every one of them. With little to no effort from your side!

You may have heard of how difficult and complex it is to use sneaker bots, and how expensive they can get, but these are just myths and we’re here to bust them all!

Sneaker bots vary in terms of price, performance, and ease of use. Some of them are known to be quite simple and user-friendly, especially browser extensions. Which also tend to be cheaper than full desktop bots. But their downfall to browser extensions is the mediocre copping ability. While most of them are successful and fully functional, for technical reasons, they can only cop a limited number of pairs.

As for full desktop bots, there are some names in the game that have established a great reputation in the industry. Ones that cop every release and rarely fail their users, and thus have very high success rates.


For a sneaker bot to work full-force it needs to be paired with the right add-ons. Sneaker proxies, a sneaker server, and maybe even some Captcha solutions. These extras are optional but tend to get more important as you get more serious about copping and reselling sneakers.

Connections are Key

connections shoelaces

This part is especially helpful if you’re going the old way about copping Yeezys. As surprising as this may sound, some sneakerheads still wait in line for a pair of shoes. They even find it exciting and amusing to connect so deeply with their soles. However, there’s a shortcut you can take down this road. If you happen to know “someone” you’ll save yourself loads of time and pain. Having connections in the sneaker community is key. Whether on Discord, Twitter or at Footlocker, knowing people with influence and reach can get you to your Yeezys fast and even early. Or else, how do you think those early pairs get sold on Instagram and reselling platforms?

To build such major connections you gotta be active in the community. Help other sneakerheads, show up to events like ComplexCon, and camp out storefronts a couple of times. People tend to share more at 3 AM when they’re sleepy and tired!

A Lot of Patience

Patience is quite underrated during the process of copping sneakers. Many newbie sneakerheads think they will cop the first time they try, and although we do believe in beginners’ luck that’s highly unlikely. Copping real Yeezys or any limited sneakers is a combination of experience and tools with a dash of luck. Factors like proxies, ping latency, the processing power of your device, your internet connection, and the sneakers stock level all have a saying in whether or not you’ll cop. But with time, you’ll get to the perfect recipe that’ll cook you a feast on every release.

Save up

Supply, Demand and Kanye. What’s Going on with Yeezys?

Adidas Yeezy Boost currently cost between $220 and $300. While that’s nothing compared to the big Bulky Balenciaga Triple S, it’s more expensive than a brand new pair of Air Jordan 1s. So to buy a new pair of “Real Yeezys” you have to spend some cash. And logically, if you’re planning on copping multiple pairs to sell, you’re gonna be spending more money. But don’t worry just yet,  reselling Yeezys is a straight on profitable investment which can get you your money back in no time. When, of course, Yeezy resale prices are high.


You might have your eye on something completely different. You might be a natural Jordan fan or more into Air Max but Yeezys are a path you have to go through to get into this community. Every sneakerhead you know, or look up to has a pair or 2 or 10 of Yeezys. Even if they don’t flip for much at times, Adidas Yeezys are still the biggest pillar holding up the industry.