The Ultimate Reasons why Your Next Purchase Should Be a Shopify Bot

The Ultimate Reasons why Your Next Purchase Should Be a Shopify Bot

2018 just wrapped up. So, how many Ls did you get? How many times did you get to the product page to find your shoe size all sold out? Did you regret not buying a Shopify bot?

After all the releases we’ve witnessed, and all the success you wish you had, your new year’s resolution is probably investing in a Shopify bot. That’s if you ever want your dream sneaker reselling business to become a reality.

Team Shopify scored on every release in 2018. And we expect this year to capitalize more on the same type of drops. So if you’re gonna make the same mistake you made last year, you’ll get the same results.

Now, what’s Shopify? And what’s a Shopify Bot and what does it do?

Shopify sites

Shopify sites are e-commerce websites hosted on the infamous platform, Shopify. The reason why hosting on Shopify became so trendy is the large number of the features you get when you do so. The easy setup, the unlimited bandwidth, and most importantly the 99.98% uptime. So it makes sense that even sneaker sites switched to Shopify. And to keep up with the industry, Shopify bots were created.

Shopify bot

Sneaker Shopify Bot

The thing about having a Shopify bot is that this type of bots covers the biggest range of sites. Unlike an Adidas bot or a Nike bot, a Shopify bot can help you cop from hundreds of sites. What are you looking to cop? Yeezys, Jordans, NMDs, Converse? There must be one or more Shopify sites dropping them.

What really boosted the interest in Shopify bots, were actually the Nike Off-white sneakers. The collaborative line between Nike and Virgil Abloh was the talk of the town all throughout 2018. Every silhouette from this collection was very exclusive and pretty high in demand. So resale prices were so crazy everyone wanted a pair.

One pair of the White Air Jordan 1 X off white retailed at $190. And using a Shopify bot you could’ve copped one. Only you didn’t. So now, some other very lucky sneakerhead gets to flip them for over $2K.

But copping Off-whites is no walk in the park.

You need to have a bot that supports as many sites as possible. Or you’d be throwing your money and sneakers in the air. You also need a Shopify bot that supports multiple tasks, and using proxies. The whole point is to maximize your copping chances. More very useful features can be a Captcha solver and a Shopify monitor, to give you the fastest possible heads up on any upcoming drop.

Get anything with fewer features and you’re set for an L.

This got more and more obvious as only people with a powerful Shopify bot or  SNKRS bot managed to cop. And so the hype for Shopify bots reached an ultimate high in 2018.

Therefore, to cater to your various sneaker copping needs, we developed AIO XL. A new desktop bot, currently supporting more than 100 Shopify sites. AIO XL is built using new, cut-edge technologies to bring you closer to any limited release you want.

Streetwear Fans, This One’s for You!

Not only do Shopify bots support the most limited sneaker releases, but they can also be your gateway to all streetwear hype. Overlooking Supreme, which usually requires a separate bot, a Shopify bot can give you access to brands like Palace, Kith, Bape and many more. So you can match those Jordans with a killing Bape hoodie and flex’em like a hypebeast!

But if you’re a die-hard Supreme fan, read the following piece to know where to find the best Supreme bot in the game.

Planning on Getting Rich? Get A Supreme Bot!

Reduced expenses

Being able to cop sneakers as well as streetwear items, using just one bot, means you just saved a couple hundred dollars. And you’ve also saved yourself from having to run several bots on release day. So one Shopify bot, all the limited items you want!