Top 5 Reasons Your Sneaker Bot is Failing You on Every Release

Top 7 Reasons Your Sneaker Bot is Failing You on Every Release

Copping sneakers is not as impossible as it used to be. It’s highly unlikely that you find a sneakerhead who never copped a pair of kicks or 2. And that’s usually done by the means of a sneaker bot. That piece of software that’s bringing you closer to your favorite sneakers.

However, it’s not always cupcakes and rainbows in the game. Heck, it’s like a burning battlefield, where only the fast wins. But why is it that sometimes, more like most of the times you end up with an L? Even when you are using a sneaker bot and all the needed jigs?

Some days it’s the bot, some other days it’s you not doing it right. So here are the top 7 reasons why your sneaker bot keeps failing you on those releases.

Sneaker bot failing

1. You Got The Wrong Sneaker Bot

That’s the most obvious reason. The sneaker bot is the most important ingredient in this whole pot. If you get the wrong one, you ain’t cooking nothing. But, this is an honest mistake. Anyone can be fooled by the diabolic marketing tactics of a sneaker bot.

So you waste your money on a non-functional sneaker bot and get enough Ls to flood the basement. The serious problem here is not just “not copping”, it’s the money you wasted. Sneaker bots aren’t cheap. And what aches your heart is realizing that this money could’ve been invested in a couple of really good pairs. And could’ve made you loads of cash in return. But no!

Now, after you’re done weeping, it’s time to find a good sneaker bot.

In this search, Twitter can be very helpful. Before you decide on a bot, go through their Twitter feed. If they don’t have a Twitter account, forget it. If the bot is not active on Twitter, forget it. A powerful sneaker bot will have a Twitter feed full of success shoutouts, sneaker news, and progress updates. You can’t trust a team that doesn’t take care of every aspect of their business.

In addition to Twitter, a good legit-looking website says a lot about that team’s level of professionalism. And another very critical aspect to watch out for is the customer support. Buying a software, as complicated as a sneaker bot, and not getting the right level of support, is just like getting a car with no wheels! Unless you’re a veteran and got the hang of this copping thing.

PS: Some sneaker bots are specialized in a limited number of sites. Some are only Shopify bots, some only cop from Adidas. So make sure you know which one you need.

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2. Your Proxies are Trash

Another reason why your sneaker bot is failing could be the proxies. What’s the use of a great beastly sneaker bot, when the proxies are slow, shared, or banned? That being said you must know copping sneakers can only happen if your proxies are lightning fast. Dedicated. Release optimized. Location optimized. And not free. NEVER!

Some might actually go cheap on the proxies because they paid a lot for the sneaker bot. Truth is, finding a cheap sneaker bot is easy. And you can find some at discounted prices at times. But proxies are not to be taken lightly.

You must have dedicated proxies, issued from a location close to the sneaker sites’ servers. In addition, those proxies need to be fast, and release optimized. All of these conditions, just to keep your ping latency to a minimum. Or else you can kiss your sneakers goodbye!

3. Where’s The Server?

Did you seriously think you can cop with your dying pc? Or with that laggy internet connection of yours?

Wake up, Love! Speed is the key when Copping sneakers. 1 second could be the difference between an L and a W, so your laptop’s performance just won’t do. Running your sneaker bot delivers you the power of a supercomputer, and a very high-speed connection, right to your home. A sneaker server can exponentially increase the speed at which you cop, this way getting you through the crowds, fast.

So maybe it’s not your sneaker bot. It could be your slow internet connection or your washed out PC.

4. Your Info is Meh!

On hyped releases, you can’t get away with duplicate orders, wrong addresses, or expired credit cards. Well, expired credit cards never go by! So when you were inserting your billing and shipping info, were you very careful? Is the address correct?

Oh! Wait this is a very FUN mistake; did you type in your credit card expiry date right? Well, that mistake cost me so many precious sneakers before. And if you make any of these mistakes, it might look like your bot is flopping. When it’s just a tiny, but very costly fault. Be careful.

5. Did You Follow The Instructions?

Every bot has these little tricks that make it work like a charm. And who knows these tricks better than the bot makers?

Follow your sneaker bot’s Twitter account. Join their Discord server. And make sure you follow every piece of instruction they provide, every time. Also, make sure your bot is always updated. We don’t push these updates for no reason, Hun! Update!

6. You’re Late! As Usual!

Did you really have to stay up late last night? No! Not when you have a major release coming up at 9 AM the following day. Socializing is not an option. Not when it’s gonna cost you a very profitable pair of Off-whites. Make so sure you get enough sleep the night before a big release. And f you must stay up late, don’t fall asleep. Just have some coffee, and stay up until the kicks drop. Do anything you can, but don’t waste a second! Time is worth a lot of money here.

7. It’s Just You! Admit it.

Now, let’s keep it real! If you did all you had to do. Got the best sneaker bot and paired it with top-notch proxies and a killing server. If you followed your bot’s instructions to the letter. If your cards are shining bright, and your address is at the “White House”, and still didn’t cop, It’s just you!

Copping sneakers is a matter of luck just as it’s a matter of skills and tools. Your internet might go down on release day. The PC might crash. Your dog might eat your credit card. Or you might be a shoe size 15. Or simply, the stock might be too low. All that has nothing to do with the bot. It’s just your bad luck getting in the way of your reselling business.

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So there you have it, all the reasons why your sneaker copping attempts are failing. And the same goes for Supreme. You can never pull it off without a Supreme bot, proxies and a server. Oh! And Luck!

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