The Best Sneakers to Resell & Make Cash in 2020

The Best Sneakers to Resell & Make Cash in 2020

So far in 2020, up until the outbreak of COVID-19 at least, we’ve seen so many BIG sneaker releases. In just a matter of 3 months, the industry witnessed some of the wildest and most valuable drops. And not to spray salt to your wounds, but there are some great sneakers to resell that have already dropped. And your only way to owning them is to make a trip over to the reselling market. Unless of course, you own one of the best sneaker bots out there to give you a push across the waiting lines and into the checkout page.

Best Sneakers to Resell [2020]

What You MissedNike strangelove Dunks

Just to give you a taste of what you’ve missed so far in 2020, check this tiny list of the best sneakers to resell, for now. But that’s just a bunch of the most popular drops. Lately, it seems that low key and underrated brands, artists, and collaborations are stealing the spotlight big time! So, it’s no longer Jordan 1 colorways and the latest Yeezys you gotta keep an eye on. And for what it’s worth, Nike seems to be doing much better in 2020. At least up until they had to shut down stores and slow production down

Your Comeback

So looking at the previous numbers and what could’ve been profit made by you and cashed into your account you probably feel quite bitter. But you shouldn’t! As long as there are sneakerheads around the world, sneaker brands will release sneakers. Sneakers to Flex and sneakers to resell.

So what sneakers to resell next? And how much could you make out of each?

Fear of God Triple BlackNike fear of God Triple Black

Jerry Lorenzo and Nike; This has to be one of the most elegant and exciting partnerships in the sneaker industry. And now, adding to a long list of previous releases, one of the best sneakers to resell soon has to be the upcoming Triple Black Fear of God 1. With the retail price standing at $350 and resale value reaching $600+, you need to be ready. Fast! These hotties are dropping on April 25th, 2020. check this to know more!

sneakers to resell Travis Scott AIr MaءTravis Scott Air Max 270

If it was another pair or another collaboration, we’d say we’re done waiting for it to drop. We’d dare say we’ve moved on!

But keeping things real now, Travis Scott’s upcoming Air Max 270 has to be one of the most awaited releases and one of the best sneakers to resell in 2020. 2, 3, maybe 4 release date changes later, the latest of Travis Scott’s sneakers are, in theory, dropping on May 1st, 2020. If you’re looking to know more about the features of the sneakers you can read this. However, stick with us here to know why these are worth every drop of sweat you’ll shed. Early pairs sold on StockX, which are 8 til now, add up to an average reselling price of $1,100+

Air Jordan 13 FlintAJ13 Flint 2020

On May 30th, 2020 a piece of sneaker history will join us once again. This retro looks so much like the OG version making it very much a resellable sneaker. Yes! The Air Jordan 13 Flint is coming back with a decent reselling price of $360+. Not too humble for a $190 pair of sneakers.

Air Jordan1 Dior sneakers to resellAir Jordan 1 X Dior

Adding another layer of luxury and fancy to the sneaker community is the Air Jordan 1 Dior, AKA Air Dior. Announced to the world late in 2019 and modeled by the one and only Travis Scott! The grey Jordan 1s features Dior’s monogram on the Swoosh and Air Dior branding replacing the Air Jordan logo on the tongue. The $2000 sneaker seems to be dropping alongside an apparel capsule. Up to this moment, there isn’t a clear word on when the Air Dior collection is dropping. But we bet all we have that these AJs are the top sneakers to resell this year. It’s kinda like the whole Supreme Louis Vuitton situation all again!

And we’re not even gonna go over Yeezys. There’s always a new pair of 350s, or 700s to cop. Thing is, we don’t expect Kanye’s sneaker production to slow down. I mean, how would he when he’s been working full force even during this global viral outbreak! It almost feels like Kanye’s already moved Yeezy production to the US.

What’s Going on Now?

Now that the world is technically on hold, you’re probably wondering what do while you stay home? How to keep the money coming now that the global labor market is at risk? And will the sneaker industry standstill amidst this chaos?

Although the sneaker industry has taken a major slap on the face due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we’re still hopeful that things will work out eventually. Sneaker brands have managed to keep many release dates unchanged. And many of these can make you some decent cash if you flip them from home. Especially now that all in-store drops have been canceled and the stock moved to online retailers and raffles. And over the next few weeks, we’re expecting a large number of hyped releases by Adidas, Nike, Jordan Brand, and many more. And to be honest we’re constantly updating our personal release calendars to give us a reason or more to hold on tight.