The Items We Absolutely Love from The Supreme Accessories FW18

The Items We Absolutely Love from The Supreme Accessories FW18

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Now that the Supreme lookbook FW18 is out everyone is sharing their opinion on what they liked most. And so will I! So here’s a list of what I personally think are the best Supreme accessories and apparel items. Feel free to disagree.

Supreme Lookbook

As usual, Supreme FW18 season will have too many apparel items for us to count. Pants, sweaters, sweatshirt, and hoodies. But the pieces that stand out the most are the jackets.

Supreme FW18 ThornTrucker Jacket

On top of the best Supreme jackets for the FW18 season is this Thorn Trucker Jacket. Looking big and fancy with the Fur hood, and very much like an Off-White jacket with the tape all around. This jacket is a must-have this Winter if you can afford it. This jacket will be available in olive green, Red, and blacck.

Supreme FW18 Dragon Work Jacket

Next up is the Dragon Work Jacket. This item looks like a real work of art. The intricate detailing put into the Dragon is really impressive. The jacket is constructed out of a heavy cotton blend with a quilted lining. It also features a full-zip and two hand pockets in on the lower front. The Dragon work jacket will come in black and dark red, and supposedly with matching pants as we see in the picture.

Supreme Diamond Faux Fur Jacket

  Supreme Lookbook FW18 Snowflake Fleece Jacket

The next two pieces look so warm and fuzzy you just can’t decide which one you should buy. But you can get them both. Can you ever have enough Supreme jackets?
The first one is the Supreme Diamond paneled Faux Fur Jacket. It features quilted lining, full-zip, and Jacquard logo taping at the front center opening. This taping goes all the way up to cover the opening of the hood. Judging from how fancy and luxurious this jacket looks, we expect a very big price tag. Dropping this Supreme FW18 season, in combinations of black/Brown and black/red.

The second jacket sits more on the casual and comfortable side. The Snowflake Toggle Fleece jacket features toggle closure and patch pockets at the front. With the Supreme logo sitting proudly at the chest. The snowflake design makes it the perfect holiday gift. for yourself!
Although we don’t expect this piece to be very affordable, we know for sure that it will be worth every penny. Flaunting Supreme and feeling so warm and festive while doing so, is major wardrobe goals.

FW18 Supreme Accessories  FW18

In addition to the lit pieces of apparel, we’ll be seeing some really cool Supreme accessories. No really, Supreme seems to have taken their work up to a whole new level. Getting more creative and fun. And giving fans accessories that are a lot more valuable and useful this time.


Supreme accessories FW18 Teddy Bear

Yes, the Teddy Bear is on the list. I mean really! Look at it! It looks so cool and cute, and he’s wearing Supreme. What can possibly make a better Valentine’s day gift?

Supreme FW18 inflatable Chairs

For those long camping nights with your friends. Or maybe long Fortnite marathons in your basement. The Supreme inflatable chairs are just what you need. Giving you that laid-back feeling you lacked while binge-watching your favorite series. The Supreme PVC inflatable chairs will be available in see-through white and yellow, with the Supreme logo on the head cushion.

Aside from any jokes, the Supreme Santa Cruz Chameleon Bike is probably the best of Supreme accessories you can cop this season. Keeping you on track, in Winter and Summer. Helping you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle all year long.

Supreme accessories FW18 ladder


Another really cool-looking gadget is the Supreme X AWS Scale. We wonder what this tiny, pocket-sized digital scale is for. Weighing your fancy Jewellery maybe? Or your meds? Well, who cares? It’s tiny and Supreme. It might come handy one day. Especially that its maximum capacity is 700 Grs.

Supreme accessories FW18 ladder

Your next step into the world of fame, and luxury, using the Supreme Lucano Step Ladder. If you ever needed just two steps to reach your goal, there you go. Supreme got you covered!
Supreme accessories FW18 Backpacks

Supreme accessories FW18 Backpacks

Supreme accessories FW18 Utility Bags

As with every season, Supreme’s bags make it to every single fan’s shopping list. This season, the designs, colors, and versatility of the bags is really noticeable. Backpacks, totes, waist bags, utility bags, and more are dropping this season. Rumors also say that these bags will be part of the first week’s drop list.

Supreme FW18 Drop dates

Based on what Supreme announced on their website, we’re expecting the first EU and US release soon. As soon as next Monday, August 20th, 2018. However, this Supreme dropping on Monday thing is exceptional. Future Supreme drops will occur, as usual, every Thursday throughout this season.

Fans’ feedback was mostly positive when the lookbook was out. So the competition will be quite bloody over these Supreme items. And a Supreme bot is your only chance at copping. So, you can now cop any of the Supreme accessories or Lookbook items using AIOX. Secure the highly coveted Supreme items, for retail using an all-in-one Chrome extension that would cost you only $99.