The Best Supreme Accessories Worth Every Penny and Minute [SS19]

The Best Supreme Accessories Worth Every Penny and Minute [SS19]

In a fast-changing industry, the only constant now is Supreme. Last year was a serious roller-coaster for sneakers. The hype of some brands went out the window, while other brands just up and died. But Supreme accessories, clothes, and gear are hyped up more than ever. Which ones should you get for keeps, and which ones are your money-makers? That’s what you need to figure out ASAP.

Supreme Resale Prices: The Reason You Must Cop at Retail

Supreme Accessories and Gear That Dragged You Here

Whenever a new season starts, it’s usually the Supreme accessories that make the loudest buzz. It’s always a wide range of random and eccentric items decorated with the infamous Supreme box logo. Some of these items are iconic, to say the least; marking their territory on the most bizarre and most expensive items lists. And these are probably the same items that introduced you into the world of streetwear.

  • Supreme Bogo Tee

Supreme Bogo

The infamous Supreme Bogo Tee. Not really a piece of accessory, but it’s definitely one of the items that caught your attention, enough to get you here!

It’s a basic and very plain white tee, but it sure stands out in the crowd. Thanks to the iconic red box logo, which makes a $32 Tee worth $1000+.

  • Supreme Blimp

Supreme Blilmp

Just an inflatable blimp. Quite affordable and cool-looking item, for those who copped at retail. There isn’t much you can do with this blimp on a personal level. Just keep it hanging over your head, always reminding you that the next Supreme drop is a couple days away.

However, selling this blimp would’ve been the smartest thing to do. This little inflatable $20 accessory makes over 400% its original price, on the resale market. And those who didn’t get it on drop day, must pay $100 to get it now.

  • The Brick

Supreme accessories red clay brick

Unless you’re planning on building a Supreme house, the Supreme Brick is completely useless. Probably the most WTF item Supreme has ever made. But it proved that Supreme fans would buy anything with a Bogo. Even a brick!

Personally, this release was the first time I realize how powerful Supreme as a brand was. Like people are seriously willing to pay to get a brick. A brick that completely sold out!

  • The Cash Cannon

Supreme accessories cash cannon

How rich should you be to use this? Well, you’d only need $88 for this unique and rare item. If you copped at retail. But since you didn’t you’d have to pay over $300 for one now. Too bad you’ll be left with no money to make it rain.

The list of bizarre, or expensive Supreme items can go on forever. The brand is never short on luxury, creativity, or controversy, and every season you can find a couple of jaw-dropping items you just gotta cop.

The Undefeated Supreme Copping Guide (Every Season, Every Week)

What To Do With Supreme

Almost all Supreme accessories are sell-able. Of course, with a varying percentage of profit.  And still, you might choose to keep a few items for yourself. So based on what you’re doing with them, Supreme accessories fall into 4 major categories. And it’s crucial to know where the item you’re copping belongs, and whether or not it has potential.

1- Use

Despite the huge price tags, Supreme accessories can be quite useful. Camping gear, biking accessories, and hardware tools always come in handy. And every season you’ll find a wide range of Supreme accessories that you actually need.

As with every new season, the highly-awaited SS19 features a large number of items that you can use on your next camping trip, a day at the beach or around the house. All of which you’re likely to keep and use rather than sell or display.

2- Collect

The same way any Supreme item can be sold, any Supreme item can be collected. But if you were to become a collector, you’d have to go after:

  1. Items that are cheap, and released often (Tees, Headbands, Stickers, Decks, …)
  2. Rare, exclusive, and expensive Supreme accessories. (LV Trunk, Guitar, Bike, … )

When thinking of Supreme accessories you’d want to collect I think stickers are the first thing to pop in mind. Stickers are usually free.  Supreme stickers are cheap, but make no mistake they’re not easy to find. You gotta look hard, and work harder to build your own collection. But it’s definitely worth it on the long run.

Supreme decks, although useful, and sell-able they’re also a perfect option to start a collection. They’re not JUST skateboards, they’re pieces of artwork that demand showcasing and command respect. They’re the visual representation of all what supreme was built upon, and make great wall art.

Other collectible items are usually the most limited and rare ones. Those accessories that will drop only once in a lifetime. just like the upcoming Supreme X Pear drum-set. The only problem with these is the resale price which can easily tempt you into immediately selling them.

3- Flex

Pins, belts, headbands, beanies, and earrings. These are examples of Supreme accessories you want to be seen in. Even if you’re in this mess to make some cash, you gotta keep yourself a piece or two. Just like wearing sneakers, having Supreme is like carrying a piece of the culture with you wherever you go.

Flexing Supreme gives an incomparable sensation of satisfaction and belonging. First, because thousands of people only dream of having what you’re wearing. Second, because you’re IN. Inside this community and belong to a group, a fan club, where y’all share the same interest and goals. It’s like having a second family.

4- Flip

You’re here for this. Just like most Supremeheads. Flipping Supreme is the main goal out of all of this. And you probably know anything with a Bogo sells. But the more rare, and luxurious an item is, the higher your profit will be. Some pretty great examples are the  Supreme X Louis Vuitton Courrier Trunk, The Santa Cruize Bike, and the Supreme Stern Pinball Machine.

If you ever manage to cop such items, you’d have reached level 99 in this Supreme copping game. And these items, even if used, are still a gold mine on the resale market.

Well, it seems that Supreme decks belong in every single category. You can hang them on the wall, you can actually use them, and in many cases, they’d make a whole lot of money when sold! That’s the deal with the Flags skateboard, the Urs Fischer Toasted skateboard, and definitely the LV ones. So decks we shall cop on the next Supreme drop!


For its fans, Supreme is not just another brand, it’s a lifestyle. And every single one of these fans would do whatever it takes, use whatever they can, and pay whatever it costs, to stay in this loop. How far would you go for Supreme?