Supreme BOGO: Keywords for this Season's Craziest Week Are Here

Supreme BOGO: Keywords for this Season’s Craziest Week Are Here

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History of the Supreme BOGO

Nowadays, it’s impossible to overlook Supreme’s influential impact on streetwear. From its luxurious collaborations to unmatchable sell-out times, Supreme continues to be one of the most desired and infamous streetwear brands around. If any fan were to describe the brand or any of items, they would first mention the Supreme Bogo.

And recently, Supreme’s logo was named the most powerful logo of 2018. Although it’s “inspired” by the work of artist Barbara Kruger, it’s undeniable that this logo is the most known, and easily recognizable in modern days.

Reselling Supreme Bogos

Supreme’s apparel items and accessories are among the highly coveted items in the streetwear industry. But the iconic Supreme Bogo Tees and sweaters are the most valuable ever. Box Logo sweaters like those dropping tomorrow usually retail for $158 and can be flipped on the secondary market for over $800.

Supreme Resale: Your Way into Making a Filthy Fortune, Fast!

This insane reselling profit made Supreme Bogo sweaters a must-cop for streetwear fans. Amateurs and veterans. Anyone one of them is ready to go the extra mile, or 100 miles, to get that Bogo. So getting a Supreme bot is a no-brainer for them. If they manage to secure that sweater, the bot will have paid for itself, and covered all extra release expenses, like proxies and servers.

Now, if you want in on copping Supreme, a bot should be on your list. And don’t worry, there are some very powerful and affordable Supreme bots. And here’s where you can find them.

Supreme FW18 is Right Around The Corner. Need a Free Supreme Bot?

Supreme FW18 Week 16 Keywords

Every season, the Supreme Bogo tees and sweaters end up being the most valuable items. And this season is no different. Supreme fans all around the world are anxiously waiting for the week 16 drop. And they have all the right to do so.

A Supreme Bogo, like any of the ones dropping this week, is considered a very smart investment. IF you could secure it. As with any Supreme item, Bogos are limited. And the fact that they explicitly flaunt that logo, make them more precious.

So here are the Supreme week 16 keywords. Use them with AIO X and secure all items you need from this, and any upcoming droplist.

  1. With AIOX you can ONLY use ‘&’ as a separator between keywords.
  2. You must specify only ONE color, and ONE size for the item you’re buying.
  3. If the item has no color or size, choose RANDOM for both.
  4. Use one of the Keywords separated by the comma.
  5. You can always refer to this setup guide on Supreme release days.

We wish you the best of luck on this next Supreme drop. Check our blog weekly for Supreme posts and keywords. And don’t forget to shout out on Twitter when you COP!




Keywords: Box, Logo, Crewneck

Color: Natural, Mustard, Black, Coral, Grey, Royal, Navy, Red, Green

Category: Sweatshirts








Keywords: Reflective&Camo

Color: Orange, Woodland, Snow

Category: Jackets










Keywords: Balaclava

Color: Black, Natural, Red, Navy

Category: Hats








Keywords: Reflective&Camo

Color: Orange, Woodland, Snow

Category: Pants








Keywords: Jesus

Color: Purple, Grey, Gold

Category: Sweatshirts








Keywords: Polartec&Hooded

Color: Black, Red, Orange, Blue

Category: Jackets







Keywords: Jesus

Color: Purple, Grey, Gold

Category: Pants





Unseen Gloves

Keywords: Gloves

Color: Random

Category: Accessories

The Keywords are not 100% confirmed but we did our best to guess everything.

Good Luck!

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