Supreme X Swarovski Bogo? Time to Get a Supreme Bot!

Supreme SS19 Starting Soon. Time to Get a Supreme Bot!

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You know it! Supreme FW18 wasn’t up to the expectations. It didn’t deliver the usual hype, exclusivity, or originality we’re used to. But the upcoming SS19 season looks way more hopeful. So, this could be the time to buy a Supreme bot.

Supreme SS19

Although Supreme was not up to the standards in terms of apparel items, the accessories from the FW18 season were pretty cool. And here’s what we thought of them.

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The lookbook for the SS19 season is not out yet. But we’re seeing some leaks, and we’re loving them.

First, let’s start with the director’s chair. I’m confessing! It’s always been my dream to get THAT chair. And I just might. Looks dope, feels cool and it’s Supreme. Who wouldn’t want that? Another gadget that will probably be a go-to, especially if you’re a camper, is the Victorinox Alox knife.

There clearly is a lot of luxury this season. But nothing as luxurious as the Crown Air Freshener. Looks royal, and smells royal. And will possibly cost a royal fortune.

As for apparel items, we’ll have lots of items with a wide range of colors, and prints to look forward to. All fancy, all Supreme.

Of course, this wouldn’t be Supreme without a few eccentric items, and controversial collabs. One we’re excited about is the Supreme X Slipknot collab. It’s rumored to include outerwear, Tees, accessories, and stickers.

The Must-cop Bogo

But if I were to get a Supreme bot for anything. Any item. It would be for the rumored Supreme X Swarovski 25th Anniversary Bogos! Like it’s not desired enough as a Supreme Bogo. It’s the 25th anniversary Bogo. AND in collab with Swarovski. That’s a lot of cash at stake!

Bogos from the FW18 season are currently selling somewhere between $600 and $800. And that’s for a normal Supreme bogo. Now imagine having the box logo embossed with Swarovski crystals. You can probably make a solid $1K in profit selling that! If you can let go of it.

So trust us when we say, you certainly, without a doubt, need a Supreme bot this season. One renowned for copping Bogos.

And you need a decent pair of sneakers to match that shiny BOGO. 2019 is loaded with limited sneaker releases, that you can only cop, using a sneaker bot, or a Shopify bot.

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Our Supreme Bot

The success rate of AIO X was pretty good all throughout the Supreme FW18 season. As good as it can be with such low hype. But our biggest success was on the Supreme Bogo drop. More than 30% of our users copped the BOGOs. And flipped them for quite the cash!

You can get a chance at copping BOGOs too. Use AIO X the easy-to-use, affordable, and powerful Supreme and sneaker copping extension. Get your chances up to a maximum and take no more Ls.

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