The Top 3 Supreme Clothing Pieces Worth Copping & Selling [SS19]

The Top 3 Supreme Clothing Pieces Worth Copping & Selling [SS19]

If you were looking for a profitable, crazy new investment, Supreme is the way to go. Supreme is expensive, limited, and very very desirable. Everyone wants to own a piece of Supreme clothing or a Supreme gadget. But not all Supreme items are created equal. And they don’t “flip” equally either. So to get the best bang for your buck, the big buck you’d pay for Supreme, you need to spend smart.

Supreme Clothing Bogos

Due to the extravagant nature of Supreme clothing pieces and gear, they sell out in a matter of seconds. Every week. This gives you no time to think during the drop. You need to have everything figured out beforehand. That’s where Supreme leak accounts on Twitter and Instagram come in very handy.

  • The item you wanna cop

Clothes? Accessories? Gadgets? Make up your mind!

  • The Color

Preferably random if you’re going to sell. Not having a preference can give your copping odds a little push.

  • The size

If you’re not copping a personal just go for a random size. This saves you a couple precious seconds. No time to decide!

  • How many

Are you starting a Supreme resale business? Then you’re gonna try for a couple pieces of that item. Going personal? You’ll just need one. But trust us when we say the effort you need is the same.

  • The payment method

Double, triple check your bank account. Got enough cash to pay for that Tee and the shipping fees? Have you got enough credit cards to pay for all your items? Make sure you give your bank a call and have them allow all transactions that day. Some banks enforce more strict security measures and wouldn’t allow “suspicious” transactions to go through. Especially if you’re using a bot. and copping many items from the same website.

  • The shipping info

Where will you be waiting for your goodies? Keep in mind you could need more than a single address to ship out to. Supreme is very serious about multiple orders, and if they suspect a customer got more than 1 piece of an item, all their orders will be canceled.

Supreme Resale: Your Way into Making a Filthy Fortune, Fast!

The Best Supreme Clothing Pieces

  • Supreme Tees

Supreme Tees are usually an easier catch than other items. Easier in terms of price. That’s why they’re among the fastest selling items every week. And when chosen right, tees can make a great return on investment.

A Supreme tee costs anywhere between $30 and $60. Which is very affordable, considering you’d be flexing & flaunting Supreme. So Tees make great personals. As for reselling, not ANY Supreme Tee would do. Collaborative Supreme tees are always more profitable on the secondary market. Taking as an example the Supreme FW18 season, The black Supreme Madonna tee, which retailed for $48, is selling for an average of $160. That’s a 230% profit. Now, imagine copping and selling 3 of this tee, that’s around $300 quick cash gone straight into your piggy bank.

The same applies to headbands and beanies. They don’t retail for much, but selling them can make you the extra money you couldn’t get from your parents.

  • Collaborative Clothing Pieces

You’re ambitious! You’re not looking for the quick cash, you’re starting a reselling business, we hear ya! So what should you cop? Big and pricey Supreme clothing collaborations. It takes money to make money.

But Supreme collaborations are as hyped and worthy as the “other brand”. You can see that clearly in the unreasonable resale prices of items co-created with the likes of Louis Vuitton, Stone Island, The North Face, and many more.

  • The Bogos!

Any item with the BOGO is an instant cash maker. This then applies to all Supreme Clothing with that box logo as well. Bogo Tees, sweaters, and hoodies steal the show every season. And with the next Supreme season bringing us a Supreme Swarovski Bogo, you can be certain things are gonna get ugly. Is your Supreme bot ready?

Supreme SS19 Starting Soon. Time to Get a Supreme Bot!

The Next Best Thing

So, what can I do if I didn’t cop a Bogo? Cop the next best thing. With Social Media being stronger than ever, everyone expresses their opinion loud and clear. So knowing which Supreme item is the most desired is easy. There are actually websites that allow supreme fans to upvote or downvote items from every droplist based on their preference. Therefore, you need to check all similar websites, to get a better idea at what your audience wants.

Bot Your Way to Fortune

Supreme Resale Prices: The Reason You Must Cop at Retail

Copping Supreme is probably the trickiest thing to do. Out of all limited edition items, if you manage to cop Supreme you’re a beast. Well, at least your Supreme bot is.

There’s no way to figure out what new updates or security measures await on Supreme’s website. Until of course, you’re in. And then, it’s too late to do anything. So you need a Supreme bot that’s always updated, and which holds a higher success rate. Now, looking back at FW18, what most Supremeheads learned was the following; Extensions seem to have to most consistent performance on Supreme drops.

While you can cop more items using a Supreme bot, there’s always a risk of the bot not working at all on the next Supreme drop. So you go from 4 Tees straight to an L. However, extensions seem to get away almost every week. While the number of items you can cop is more limited using an extension, one is better than none.

Plus, Supreme extensions are always more affordable, and easier to use than a full desktop Supreme bot. So make sure you back your copping skills and tricks with a powerful Supreme extension like AIO X.