Supreme X Air Jordan 14: Supreme Drop SS19 Week 16

Supreme X Air Jordan 14: Supreme Drop SS19 Week 16

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It’s happening fam! The next Supreme drop will feature the long-awaited Supreme X Air Jordan 14. Dropping in white and black colorways this upcoming sneaker release is one not to miss out on. In addition, we’ll have items from the Supreme X Ol’ Dirty Bastard collaboration to cop. The capsule will include a Rug, a Skateboard, T-shirts, and shorts! More non-collaborative items will be the usual Supreme hats, pants, shirts, and shorts. Make sure you have your Supreme bot ready, and keywords set up for maximum chances at copping.

Good luck with this next Supreme drop. and don’t forget to shoutout on Twitter when you cop!

A New Air Jordan x Supreme Might Be in The Works!


  1. With AIOX you can use ‘&’ or SPACE as a separator between keywords.
  2. You must specify only ONE color, and ONE size for the item you’re buying.
  3. If the item has no color or size, choose RANDOM for both.
  4. You can always refer to this setup guide on Supreme drop days.
  5. IF NEEDED Keywords will be updated prior to the drop

Supreme Resale: Your Way into Making a Filthy Fortune, Fast!

Supreme Drop SS19 Week 16 Keywords

Item: Ol’ Dirty Bastard Rug
Color: Random
Keywords: Bastard
Category: Accessories

Item: Supreme®/Air Jordan XIV
Color: White, Black
Keywords: Jordan
Category: Shoes

Item: Topline Sweatshort
Color: Olive, Black, Red, Navy, Peach, White
Keywords: Topline
Category: Shorts

Item: Ol’ Dirty Bastard Skateboard
Color: Random
Keywords: Bastard
Category: Skate

Item: Diamond Plate Bandana
Color: Red, Gold, Grey
Keywords: Diamond&Bandana
Category: Accessories

Item: S/S Pocket Tee
Color: Cardinal, Grey, Green, Pink, Black, White, Navy, Olive, Royal, Orange
Keywords: Pocket&Tee
Category: Tops_Sweaters

Item: Ol’ Dirty Bastard Football Top
Color: Blue, Red, Yellow
Keywords: Bastard
Category: Tops_Sweaters

Item: Topline Zip Up Sweatshirt
Color: Red, Black, Olive, White, Navy, Peach
Keywords: Topline
Category: Sweatshirts