This Season's 1t Collab with Timberland Supreme Keywords Week 2

The Season’s 1st Collab with Timberland: Supreme Keywords Week 2

After kicking off the new SS9 season last Monday, we will now get a chance to cop the first collab of the season. Supreme  X Timberland Lug shoes will be the first collaborative item to drop this season. Along with a long list of apparel items including jackets, shirts, hoodies, and hats. And as with every week, every season, one item steals the show, usually an accessory, and this time it’s the Supreme Band-aids. It feels as if Supreme is just trolling everyone, releasing band-aids to heal all the Ls this next drop. So, make sure you set up your Supreme bot ahead of time and use the keywords provided for an increased chance at copping.

Supreme Resale: Your Way into Making a Filthy Fortune, Fast!


  1. With AIOX you can ONLY use ‘&’ as a separator between keywords.
  2. You must specify only ONE color, and ONE size for the item you’re buying.
  3. If the item has no color or size, choose RANDOM for both.
  4. Use one of the Keywords separated by the comma.
  5. You can always refer to this setup guide on Supreme release days.
  6. IF NEEDED Keywords will be updated prior to the drop

We wish you the best of luck on this next Supreme drop. Check our blog weekly for Supreme posts and keywords. And don’t forget to shout out on Twitter when you COP!

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Supreme Keywords SS19 Week 2 (07/03/2019)




Keywords: Band, Aid

Color: Random

Category: Accessories









Keywords: Colorblocked

Color: Red, Black, Orange, Navy

Category: Sweatshirts









Keywords: Colorblocked

Color: Red, Black, Orange, Navy

Category: Shorts







Keywords: Luxe

Color: Grey, Black, Red, Navy, Natural, Green

Category: Sweatshirts








Keywords: Measure

Color: Black, Red

Category: Accessories









Keywords: Cloud

Color: Grey, Black, Red, Navy, Brown (could be rust), Mustard, White

Category: Tops_Sweatshirts







Keywords: Ghost

Color: Black, White

Category: Jackets








Keywords: Needlepoint

Color: White, Blue, Black, Yellow, Burgundy, Camo

Category: Tops_Sweatshirts







Keywords: Ghost

Color: White, Black

Category: Tops_Sweatshirts








Keywords: Stars

Color: Green, Black, White, Blue

Category: Jackets







Keywords: Tonal

Color: Burgundy, Pink, Black, White, Red, Navy, Green

Category: Hats







Keywords: Lug

Color: Black, Cheetah

Category: Shoes







Keywords: Marble

Color: Orange, Purple, Blue

Category: Sweatshirts







Keywords: Washed&Linen

Color: Blue, Red, Orange, Rose, Olive

Category: Hats









Keywords: Zip&Car

Color: Black, Red, Purple

Category: Jackets







Keywords: Ghost

Color: Black, White

Category: Pants







Keywords: Twill

Color: White, Purple, Orange

Category: Shirts







Keywords: Blood

Color: Camo, Navy, White, Red, Black

Category: Hats




The Keywords are not 100% confirmed but we did our best to guess everything.

Good Luck!

For any inquiries, you can email us at anytime [email protected]