Supreme Resale Prices: The Reason You Must Cop at Retail

Supreme Resale Prices: The Reason You Must Cop at Retail

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It hurts to pay over $200 for a Tee that originally costs $54. But that’s what you get when you don’t buy Supreme at retail. Supreme resale prices are incredibly high, your heart will ache just looking at them. But you don’t always have to be THAT person. You can actually be the guy that ASKS on StockX. The one making $150 per Tee.

Supreme Resale White Bogo

The reason for these out-of-this-world prices is obvious. Exclusivity!
If you have a very limited item, that so many people want wouldn’t you consider flipping them for cash? Anyone would. It’s just a thing of supply and demand. Limited stock, high demand, higher price.

Supreme Resale: Your Way into Making a Filthy Fortune, Fast!

How to Escape The BS!

It takes some serious thinking and cut-edge willpower not to pay Supreme resale prices. It’s so hard to overcome the pain of taking and L. It’s even harder to hold yourself from reselling platforms and just accept your faith. But unless you’re fine throwing away over $100 in the air you gotta be strong and creative. There are 3 ways to not pay Supreme resale prices:

1. Don’t buy Supreme at all

This is your easiest option. You just let go of your dreams and that BOGO Tee and stick to non-fancy alternatives. Even if they don’t feel as luxurious, and don’t have a Box Logo to catch people’s eyes. They’re affordable. Comfortable. Easy to find. Replaceable. But not sellable.
A downfall to not copping Supreme is not making money. No one is gonna pay even 1 extra dollar for a T-shirt you bought from Target!

But hey! You might actually feel good saving that much money. Maybe.

2. DIY!

Seriously! How much could it possibly cost to get a plain white Tee, and have the Supreme Box Logo printed on it? We’ve done our research, and it’s the easiest thing EVER! And if you do it yourself, you get a Supreme BOGO at retail and learn a new craft!

3. Use a Supreme Bot

The previous 2 options are good if you’re not planning on reselling Supreme. But let’s be honest here. Supreme resale prices are so high anyone can get tempted into at least trying to cop and flip. However, flipping is never as profitable when you “The reseller” cop at resale. So copping at retail, straight from Supreme is what you need to do.

Now, if you’re lucky enough to have a Supreme store nearby, or you don’t mind traveling to get there, then buy that item from the store. But as we all know, doing so doesn’t guarantee you cop. Plus it’s dangerous. Have you seen the number of people lining up every week? You’d get stepped on way before you get to that beanie.

So why don’t you use a stay home, safe and warm, and get a Supreme bot to do the work for you? If you ever thought about making money out of Supreme, then the idea of buying a Supreme bot must have crossed your mind. However, you might’ve hesitated for some, not so valid, reasons.

  • Supreme bots are expensive

It’s true that some Supreme bots are expensive. But looking at the profit you could make selling Supreme items, it’s an investment worth trying. But if you still think otherwise, you can actually find a cheap and even a free Supreme bot to fit your budget. Now, we wouldn’t always recommend free Supreme bots if you’re very serious about copping. But if you’re just testing, why not?

Planning on Getting Rich? Get A Supreme Bot!

  • They are difficult to use

Well, everything new is hard at first. Remember how hard driving was once you first started? Not so much now. But really, using a Supreme bot doesn’t always have to be a dreadful thing. Some Supreme bots are complex but some are very simple and easy to use. Extensions, in particular, are usually simple, user-friendly, and affordable. Take AIO X for example, it’s probably the easiest Supreme copping extension you can ever use. All you need is a few clicks and you’re ready to make others pay you those mind-blowing Supreme resale prices.

  • Supreme bots are a scam

While some bots resort to false advertising and fake success to get your attention, others don’t. Always check a bot’s success shoutouts on Twitter. And check their website for success proof. Discord has been a great platform for bot users to share info, guides, and success. So check their as well before you make that precious purchase.

So now that we’ve killed all your negative assumptions on Supreme bots, will you ever pay Supreme resale prices?