Supreme Resale: Your Way into Making a Filthy Fortune, Fast!

Supreme Resale: Your Way into Making a Filthy Fortune, Fast!

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How Supreme Resale Became a thing!

Flipping limited edition items, whether sneakers, pieces of clothing, accessories or action figures, dates way back. The same goes with Supreme. Ever since the first deck and Bogo were introduced to the world, Supreme resale became an option. A very favorable option for resellers who seek to make a profit out of every limited item they get their hands on.

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What justifies Supreme resale is the amount of profit you can make from flipping. But in order to make that profit, you gotta be careful and know what to do, and how to do it.

Supreme resale Bogo

Which Items to Buy?

First, we gotta clear this point up. You can sell any Supreme item you get. Absolutely anything. there will always be Supremeheads willing to buy that supreme knife or mug you don’t feel like keeping. But not anything Supreme makes money.

Some Supreme items do much better on the resale market than others. And to your surprise, it’s not always the expensive collaborative pieces that fetch the cash. You could be tricked into thinking that The North Face parka which costs $1000+ can make you great money, but that’s not the case. It’s the small pieces that are the most valuable usually. If you’re new to this whole Supreme resale thing, you’d be surprised to know that the fairly affordable face masks, are the go-to choice if you wanna make money.

Looking at some Supreme items now listed sold on StockX, we can also see that a Bogo can make you up to 900% profit! Supreme decks are also a great option if you’re into Supreme resale. These skateboards can sell for a price premium of over 700%. And as a reseller that’s what you need to look at. The potential profit that’s hidden behind every piece.

So for future droplists, go for Bogos, Decks, Beanies, and bags. They don’t cost a lot a retail, but can surely make you a whole lot more when sold.

How to Buy Supreme

Supreme bot

In order to sell Supreme, you gotta have Supreme. In-hand. Deadstock. At Retail. It’s quite obvious TBH!

You can’t sell what you don’t have. You won’t make as much profit selling used Supreme items. And you definitely can’t start a reselling empire unless you get Supreme at retail.  And there are 2 ways to get what you need.


Yes! In-store is still an option. You can always go to the closest Supreme store and wait in queues and fight your way to the cash register to secure that Bogo. It’s actually a very enlightening experience. You get to value these items a lot more. How could you not when you’ve waited for more than 12 hours on the streets?

The problem here is that no one guarantees your efforts will be rewarded. You can take a 10 hours flight, skip school or work to end up with a big fat L. Or a Jacket 2 sizes smaller!

Now, although this is a daunting way to get your items, you gotta do it. At least once in your life. It’ll really help you appreciate what we’re about to discuss next.


All hail the internet! Saving you so much time and effort and bringing Supreme right to you. Well, it’s not that easy but it’s still easier than waiting for a whole day in the freezing cold.


Simply go to Supreme’s online store on release day, and wait for the items to load. Then you’re in a race against time. and a million other Supremeheads trying to get that same deck as you. Chances are, however, you won’t get anything. But it’s worth the try!

The reason you’ll probably get an L, and have all your Supreme resale dreams crushed is known. Supreme bots!

They’re your real enemy. Not your luck, not the stock Level, not your internet connection. After years and years of working in this industry, we reached this conclusion. There’s almost no way you can secure Supreme without a Supreme bot.

Supreme accessories FW18 Teddy Bear

Use a Supreme Bot

The magical and powerful software that can do everything on your behalf. Searches for the item. Chooses the right size and color. Adds to cart. Inserts your shipping and billing info. And Checks out! All these steps are performed automatically, and very very fast!

If you think about it, that explains the sellout times that shock us every Thursday. What human can possibly o all of the above in 3 seconds? Add proxies to that Supreme bot and you can secure as many items as possible. And only then does your Supreme resale business kicks off.

The only “downfall”  a Supreme bot can be the price. Some Supreme bots are very expensive. And if you’re planning on adding proxies that’s an extra $50+ added to the bill. But you can work around that issue, buying a cheap Supreme bot. Some are very legit and powerful and cost less than $100.

And if you wanna make the best of your buck, go for a cheap sneaker bot. One that can help you secure limited-edition sneakers and supports Supreme. Just like AIOX. The powerful and affordable sneaker & Supreme copping extension.

Here’s Where You Can Find The Top Cheap Sneaker Bot

Proxies: 50AIOX

Where to Sell Supreme

If you reached this stage, congratulations! You’re only a step away from starting your Supreme resale business. And where to sell Supreme is the least tricky part in this whole process.

The most guaranteed way to sell your Supreme goodies is to take preorders. Have your friends, family or followers place their orders, and you cop what they need. This will save you the time and pain of finding a customer that fits in those socks you just got.

Another way is setting up your own Supreme resale page on Instagram or Facebook. Selling through social media is really in right now. The cost of running such accounts is fairly low. They’re easy to manage and can also be advertised.


And last, and the obvious way to do this is through reselling platforms. Almost any sneaker reselling website also supports Supreme resale. Some of these sites offer legit-checks, secure payment options, and guaranteed delivery methods. Making the process of buying and selling Supreme a lot smoother.

But you gotta be aware of the commission rates of every website. You don’t want them eating a big chunk of your profit!

So it’s really not that bad. Or difficult. Or impossible. You just gotta make the right decisions, and invest in the right items and tools.