Next Supreme Drop: SS19 Week 11 Supreme Vans Collab

Next Supreme Drop: SS19 Week 11 Supreme Vans Collab

For SS19 Week 11 a new Supreme Vans collection is set to release. The collection will include the Sk8-Hi Pro ($110) and Slip-on pro ($98) in 3 different colorways. Featuring printed uppers of premium Suede and canvas in addition to the leather lining and vulcanized soles. The Supreme Vans collab will release as part of the next Supreme drop for SS19 Week 11.

Supreme Vans Sk8-hiSupreme Vans slip-onIn addition to the Supreme Vans sneakers, the streetwear giant is also collaborating with Champion on a sweatshirt and sweat shorts, and with Zippo on a Diamond Plate lighter. As usual Supreme-exclusive items will also release such as Tees, shirts, hats, and jackets. Follow the instructions and use our suggested keywords for higher chances at copping.

Here’s The Best Supreme Bot, to Fit Your Copping Needs and Budget.


  1. With AIOX you can use ‘&’ or SPACE as a separator between keywords.
  2. You must specify only ONE color, and ONE size for the item you’re buying.
  3. If the item has no color or size, choose RANDOM for both.
  4. You can always refer to this setup guide on Supreme drop days.
  5. IF NEEDED Keywords will be updated prior to the drop

We wish you the best of luck on this next Supreme drop. And check our blog weekly for Supreme posts and keywords. And don’t forget to shout out on Twitter when you COP!

Supreme Resale: Your Way into Making a Filthy Fortune, Fast!

Supreme Vans Week 11 Keywords

Item: Diamond Plate Zippo®
Color: Zippo
Keywords: random
Category: Accessories

Item: Grand Prix Parka
Color: Prix
Keywords: random
Category: Jackets

Item: Blockbuster Hooded Sweatshirt
Color: Black, White, Red, Black, Natural
Keywords: Blockbuster&Hooded
Category: Sweatshirts

Item: Supreme®/Vans® Diamond Plate Slip-On Pro
Color: Red, White, Gold
Keywords: Vans&Slip
Category: Shoes

Item: Supreme®/Vans® Diamond Plate Sk8-Hi Pro
Color: Red, White, Gold
Keywords: Vans&SK8
Category: Shoes

Item: Grand Prix Belted Short
Color: random
Keywords: Prix
Category: Shorts

Item: Rainbow Stripe Tee
Color: Orange, Black, Natural
Keywords: Rainbow
Category: Tops/Sweaters

Item: Supreme®/Champion® Outline Hooded Sweatshirt
Color: TBA
Keywords: Champion&Outline&Sweatshirt
Category: Jackets

Item: Cops Jacquard Pocket Tee
Color: Black, Pink
Keywords: Jacquard&Tee
Category: Tops/Sweaters

Item: Supreme®/Champion® Outline Sweatshort
Color: TBA
Keywords: Champion&Outline
Category: Shorts

Item: Apple Coaches Jacket
Color: Black, Brown, Red, Blue, Navy
Keywords: Apple
Category: Jackets

Item: Overdyed Pocket Tee
Color: Black, Green, Yellow, Brown, Navy, White, Pink
Keywords: Overdyed&Tee
Category: Tops/Sweaters

The Keywords are not 100% confirmed but we did our best to guess everything.

Good Luck!

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