Supreme Week 8 Keywords: Supreme X Hot Wheels & More!

Supreme Week 8 Keywords: Supreme X Hot Wheels & More!

Supreme week 8 droplist will feature one of the most anticipated Supreme items of the season. Alongside a long list of apparel items, the Supreme X Hot Wheels Fleet Flyer is dropping this week. For just around $30, you can get a Supreme mini Fleet Flyer and a 1992 BMW M3 with license plates and the 90s Hot Wheels logo on the packaging. This item is the most upvoted this week, and you’ll have to work really hard or use a really good Supreme Bot to get it.

Here’s The Best Supreme Bot, to Fit Your Copping Needs and Budget.


  1. With AIOX you can ONLY use ‘&’ as a separator between keywords.
  2. You must specify only ONE color, and ONE size for the item you’re buying.
  3. If the item has no color or size, choose RANDOM for both.
  4. Use one of the Keywords separated by the comma.
  5. You can always refer to this setup guide on Supreme drop days.
  6. IF NEEDED Keywords will be updated prior to the drop

So, we wish you the best of luck on this next Supreme drop. And check our blog weekly for Supreme posts and keywords. And don’t forget to shout out on Twitter when you COP!

Supreme Resale: Your Way into Making a Filthy Fortune, Fast!

Supreme Week 8 Keywords

Item: Supreme®/Hot Wheels™ Fleet Flyer + 1992 BMW M3
Color: Random
Keywords: Fleet, M3
Category: Accessories

Item: Classic Ad Hooded Sweatshirt
Color: Red, Yellow, White, Black, Olive, Navy
Keywords: Classic&Ad
Category: Sweatshirts

Item: Supreme®/Raiders®/’47 Brand® Thermal
Color: Red, Cardinal, Natural
Keywords: Raiders&Thermal
Category: Tops/Sweaters

Item: 2-Tone Camp Cap
Color: Peach, White, Blue, Red, Olive, Black
Keywords: Tone
Category: Hats

Item: Highest Standard Athletic S/S Top
Color: Orange, White, Green, Black, Pink
Keywords: Highest
Category: Tops/Sweaters

Item: Reaper Rayon S/S Shirt
Color: Blue, Red, Green
Keywords: Reaper
Category: Shirts

Item: Overdyed Tee
Color: Green, Grey, Natural, Blue, Copper, Violet
Keywords: Overdyed&Tee
Category: Tops/Sweaters

Item: Supreme®/Raiders®/’47 Brand® Beanie
Color: Black
Keywords: Raiders
Category: Hats

Item: Supreme®/Raiders®/’47 Brand® Embroidered Harrington Jacket
Color: Black, Khaki
Keywords: Raiders
Category: Jackets

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