Swarovski Celebrating Supreme's 25th Anniversary [Week 9 Keywords]

Swarovski Celebrating Supreme’s 25th Anniversary [Week 9 Keywords]

This year, Supreme celebrates 25 years of hype, exclusivity, and power. The brand with the world’s most iconic logo is celebrating in a very grand way. Commemorating the streetwear brand’s 25th anniversary, this upcoming droplist will be the season’s most-desired one.

25 years and 11 stores later, Supreme has scored some of the world’s most memorable and most eccentric collaborations. But the upcoming Supreme X Swarovski collab is without a doubt one of the fanciest and most exclusive in the band’s history.

Supreme X Swarovski Bogos

Supreme’s infamous Box Logo, will be featured on a T-shirt and hooded sweatshirt. the brand’s signature this time, however, will be made up of Swarovski crystals. To be specific, 1,201 crystals on the hoodie, and for the Hoodie and 1,161 crystals for the tee.

Staying true to its roots, Supreme had the crystals applied by hand in NYC, where it all started back in 1994. The Box Logo hoodie will be available in gray, black, navy and red while the tee will be available in white, black and red.

Supreme’s 25th anniversary Swarovski Bogo Tee and Hoodie will release online and in the NY, Brooklyn, LA, London, and Paris stores on April 25. Japan’s release will be on April 27.

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Supreme Week 9 Keywords

Item: Supreme/Swarovski Box Logo Tee
Color: White, Black, Red
Keywords: Swarovski, Box
Category: T-shirts

Item: Supreme/Swarovski Box Logo Hooded Sweatshirt
Color: Red, Navy, Black Grey
Keywords: Swarovski, Box
Category: Sweatshirts

Item: Supreme®/ENO® DoubleNest® Hammock
Color: Camo, Red, Black
Keywords: Hammock
Category: Accessories

Item: GORE-TEX Poncho
Color: Olive, Black, Red
Keywords: Poncho
Category: Jackets

Item: Supreme®/Victorinox® Classic Alox Knife
Color: Black, Red
Keywords: Alox
Category: Accessories

Item: Tote Backpack
Color: Black, Camo, Red, Blue
Keywords: Tote
Category: Bags

Item: Utility Pouch
Color: Black, Camo, Red, Blue
Keywords: Utility&Pouch
Category: Bags

Item: Spider Web Quilted Work Jacket
Color: Orange, Black, Ice
Keywords: Spider
Category: Jackets

Item: Signature Script Logo L/S Pocket Tee
Color: Black, Yellow, Red, Royal
Keywords: Signature
Category: Tops/Sweaters

The Keywords are not 100% confirmed but we do our best to figure them out every week. Good Luck!

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