Supreme SS19 in Cash: What Were The Biggest Wins This Season

Supreme SS19 in Cash: What Were The Biggest Wins This Season

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Now that Supreme SS19 wrapped up, it’s time to look back at the season and see how things went. The reason you’d want to do that is to predict future coppable items.

Since you really can’t tell how much a Supreme item would flip for in the future, looking back at previous successful drops, may give you a good hint. Same applies to sneakers, and other limited edition items and collectibles. So, what are the best reselling Supreme SS19 items?

Top 5 Reselling Supreme SS19 Hats

Supreme hats are statement pieces. They let you join this fancy streetwear culture while staying on budget. Unlike Supreme shirts or jackets, these hats are usually affordable, coppable, and easy to flip. The small price tag on these hats allows you as a Supreme reseller to make more money. Of course the same goes to any Supreme item. And this assumption will prove valid to you when you’re done reading this piece.

The most profitable among Supreme ss19 hats was the yellow world cap from week 0. The season’s first in-store only drop. This explains why such a cap would make so much profit. Dropping exclusively in-store means you could only get a hold of it if you caped overnight outside Supreme stores. Which you probably didn’t!

supreme ss19 top hats

Highest Profit Bags

Bags have always been the focal point of the fashion industry. Whether it’s a $1000+ Louis Vuitton bag, or an $88 Supreme waist pouch, you just can’t make it in this industry without a bag. BAG!

So, as streetwear is more about style + practicality, any item that combines both concepts, is one you must own! Hence the increasing hype and popularity of Supreme bags, in any style and color variation. Now, as Supreme SS19 progressed, the interest in fanny bags, or waist bags was increasing majorly in the fashion industry. Those small pouches made it to the runways of the most luxurious fashion houses. In fact, they make up 25% of the total growth of accessories sales.┬áSo Supreme’s classic waist bags caught more attention than ever and became the season’s most profitable bags.

supreme ss19 top bags

The Best Supreme Accessories for 2019

Supreme accessories are always topping the list of fastest-selling items. And sometimes, there’s more profit flipping Supreme accessories than there is flipping Yeezys. And if you have enough capital to start with, you can make thousands of dollars instantly thanks to Supreme’s crazy resale prices.

Supreme SS19 Accessories

Best Apparel Items from Supreme SS19

You know you’re deep to your head in this industry when you lust over that plain white Supreme tee. The T-shirt that levels up with the biggest and fanciest apparel items in terms of hype and desirability. And you’re not alone. Thousands of streetwear fanatics go head to head every season to cop the infamous bogo Tee or hoodie, some to flex it, and some to flip it big time.

Other than the iconic bogos, and classic Supreme clothing pieces, the streetwear giant collaborates with names from the fashion, music, art, and sports industries to produce clothing pieces you’d kill, or get killed for.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the top Supreme SS19 apparel items, 1 from each category, to show you just how crazy things can get when it’s about Supreme.

Supreme ss19 top clothing

Supreme FW19

Supreme FW19 is right around the corner. And all the dates you need to get ready for the upcoming season are out. But other than the dates, you need a powerful Supreme bot that’ll make it worth your time and money.

Furthermore, have you seen the upcoming Yeezy Boost 350 V3? It’s set to drop soon, and the community already has a lot to say about it. Check for yourself