5 Reasons You Might Actually Need a Yeezy Bot in 2019!

5 Reasons You Might Actually Need a Yeezy Bot in 2019!

You probably agree with us when we say 2018 was NOT Yeezys’ best. Not in terms of hype, resale, or design. So your Yeezy Bot was probably sitting in a cold lonely corner on your desktop, waiting to be used. And except for the Yeezy Reflectives, you probably didn’t really need it. This raised so many questions on whether or not Yeezys were dead. And more importantly, it got sneakerheads wondering if they will ever rise again.

But thanks to all the leaks, we now have a reason, 5 actually, to think Yeezys are coming back.

  1. Lots of New Yeezys
  2. The all-new Yeezy Basketball
  3. Limited Stock Numbers
  4. “Special Release”
  5. Nike X Off-white The Ten

New Yeezys (2019)

It’s always been 2 or a maximum of 3 Yeezy silhouettes dropping a year. With multiple variations, patterns, and colorways. But back in 2018, the Adidas Yeezy season was more flourishing. With 4 distinct silhouettes that dropped along the span of a year, giving sneakerheads more options to choose from.

However, there’s only so many times you can use the same silhouette. This recycling, along with a MAJOR increase in stock levels sank Yeezy’s hype very deep. But it looks like Kanye is trying to make it all better for Yeezys, resellers, and for the sake of his reputation as a designer.

In that infamous sketch, Kanye presented 7 new Yeezys. Completely different. Completely new. And while we will have some classics re-releasing in new colorways, the focus seems to be on more creative designs.

At a first glance, you’d think you’re looking at costumes or props from a new Si-Fi movie. The newly shared designs seem to all have this futuristic feel with a touch of Kanye. And while we could say goodbye to the 350 v2s, we’ll be blessed with the 3rd version of this line; the Yeezy boost 350 V3. Along with yet a new third rendition of the Yeezy 700s.

So what will you cop? You can choose among the 700 V3, 350 V3, 500 V2, Or the Alien-looking 451. In addition, Kanye will also be dropping 3 new High top Yeezys: The 1050s, Terrex, and the BB Yeezy.

New Yeezys Dropping. Should You Even Care?!

The all-new BB Yeezy

This year Adidas and Kanye are doing something different. They’re reaching out to a new audience, and creating high-performance athletic shoes. Of course, the Yeezy luxury feel will remain there. The YZY BSKTBL QUANTUM is rumored to drop in Spring 2019, and with it, Kanye will have started a new endeavor.

New Yeezys Basketball

Limited Again

Right from the very beginning of 2019, Yeezys are limited. Or so we can see based on the 700 Salt’s stock numbers. It looks like these will be the most limited Yeezys we get in so long.

Comparing the numbers shared so generously by the Yeezy Mafia, you can easily notice the major decrease in stock numbers between 2018’s Yeezys and this first of many in 2019.

Even the former “Most Limited V2” restocked in higher numbers back in December.

And while sneakerheads’ fingers were crossed hoping to get the most profit out of the Yeezy Static Reflectives, Adidas and Kanye completely ruined it. They released a non-reflective version, the following day, in large quantities.

But if this limitation in stock, like the one we’re expecting with the Salts, were to continue, Yeezys’ hype can actually get back on track. And you’d finally get to use your Yeezy Bot again! But of course, other elements need to be there to help Yeezys make a decent comeback.

THAT Special Release

Not too long ago the Yeezy Mafia shared with us 3 new colorways of the Yeezy 350 v2, Hyperspace, Clay, and True Form. For some reason, they’re dubbed “Special Release”. While neither the colorways nor the design is very “Special”, you’d think that a very small stock is what’s being hinted at. Resellers be crossing their fingers for that. But there’s also the option of them being the last V2s ever.

This too is a valid theory. Kanye and Adidas may have gone a little too far with the Yeezy 350 V2 that it’s time to just let go. Before Yeezys die altogether. This theory also explains why Kanye would design 7 brand new Yeezys.

Nike X Off-white The Ten: Final Chapter

With the Nike X Off-white Air Max being the last we get from “The Ten” collection, there’s room for a different collab to shine. And the Adidas Yeezy line is the best contender at the moment. In fact, it feels like Kanye stepped aside, and let his Friend Virgil take over for a while. For a year to be more specific. And now it’s time he took control of the industry again.

Yeezy Bot in Action

If 2018’s Yeezys weren’t worth the pain and the Yeezy bot, 2019’s designs look different. So update that Yeezy bot of yours, and get familiar with it before the next Yeezy drop.


You know Yeezys always sell out. Well, they always did, regardless of the numbers produced. And this increase in stock levels is an intentional move, to increase sales and profit. And Adidas is entitled to do so. After all, they’re always trying to get the biggest share of the market. Even if it meant re-releasing the same shoe over and over again.

So which Yeezys will you cop? Which ones will be worth running a Yeezy bot?